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Seminary theologian Doctorate Level teachings

Non accredited Classes preparing, training and mentoring through Biblical Faith teachings. Qualifying the generals of God for next Epistle journey.


Mastering that which the Lord has called you into

Learning Together
From the Comfort
of Your Home &

in- person conference gatherings 


Suggested offering $5 & Up for Seminar Courses

Evangelist Katina Willis


 I hear you God

Makeyta T.

Word from Apostle Timothy Boston during Relevance Of Your Oil Conference to myself; remember from who teachings I came from. When Apostle Boston gave that word it was prior to all the crisis of this year. Not knowing I would need the words of Late Pastor Mayo to sustain me in this crisis time.

Word reminds in the bible when the Lord says to find the ancient path where Christ was and return to those paths


Memory of Late Pastor Mayo through his undeniable faith. Demonstrated great miracles as a Scholar Teacher on the latter  Glory. Stated you cannot have reconciliation without receiving Blacks

Late Pastor Mayo

God Affirming word

Spiritual Advisor covering Apostle David/Pastor Michelle words God Has restore my Global Leaders Min. God has once again call me with Global Leaders.

Fellow Apostle, Apostle Timothy Boston 

Fellow Apostle, Apostle Theola Futch Keep allowing God to use you .

Apostle Bagby

Husband (Bishop) Pastor  Bagby-My husbands words you are a woman Apostle led by God

Apostle Charmaine Jackson-Cobb

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